Friday, 26 February 2010

Warm Welcome

Salam , hello , hi .

Selamat datang ke blog ini . Welcome to this blog ! VILLA HONEY .

This is my second home for my blog , UMMI HANIE .
I don't want to mess that blog anymore , so I created this 'extention' blog to compile all your BLOG LINKS and AWARDS you'd given me before . Also some pics of me & my family will cheer up this blog too .
Buat masa ini saya bahagikan kategori2 blog kepada 5 bahagian dulu ;

  1. Blog FRIENDS ,
  2. Blog Shopping ,
  3. Blog Tutorial ,
  4. Blog Masakan &
  5. Blog Homeschool .

Blog FRIENDS : All my blogger friends' links are here , complete with recent updates .
Blog Shopping : All kinds of blogshop or shopping sites own by my blogger friends are available here .
Blog Tutorial : All my blog lists  regarding tutorials are compiled here .
Blog Masakan : All my blogger friends' cooking/recipe content blogs .
Blog Homeschool : All related to homeschooling blogs ...
So , I will not post any entry right here as this will play its role as my 'treasure box' or ... Pandora's box ? LOL . Maybe  a few posts will be published about selling my used items .

Wassalam . Have a nice day . (^_^)
Luv ,
Ummi Hanie

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